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You can upload images using Yandex.Disc, Google Drive, icloud or send them by mail retouch1ru@gmail.com
Customer style
It is important for us to have an idea of the style that you prefer. Please send 1-2 images as a sample.
RAW support
We accept files in any of the formats: TIFF, PSD, JPEG, JPG, CR2, NEF, ORF, ARW, DNG, PNG, etc.
We do not publish or use customer photos for personal purposes.

🙂To order photo processing or other Photoshop services, just contact us through instant messengers or Email. 🙂retouch1ru@gmail.com

Photoshop Services Online

Photoshop studio Retouch1.ru - this is an opportunity to order professional processing photos. Modern technology dictates to every person the desire for new the peaks. Therefore, in the hope of preserving their emotions as accurately and as accurately impressions, many are aimed at creating high-quality photos that can surprise with their beauty.

Most people tend to learn Photoshop lessons for self-retouching and photo processing. And, unfortunately, not everyone manages to become a professional Photoshop master. In order to achieve high quality ready-made photographs, it is better to seek help from a Photoshop studio.

Professional photo processing in any direction:
  • Retouching portraits in Photoshop (wrinkle removal, smoothing the skin, teeth whitening);
  • Wedding retouching (culling photos, color grading, skin cleansing);
  • High End retouching for models and magazines (cosmetic retouching, makeup, hair retouching, body shaping);
  • Services for retouching photos of goods for online stores (color correction of a picture, removal and replacement of a background, creation of shadows and reflections);
  • Clipping and correction of jewelry photos;
  • Real estate photo editing services (image enhancement, HDR Photo Editing);
  • Photomontage (deleting / adding people and objects in pictures);
  • Restoration and coloring of old photos;

The services of Photoshop masters presented on the site are an opportunity to do any photo of the highest quality, rich and bright, able to convey feelings and emotions. Processing photos in Photoshop allows you to make the image more vibrant. If necessary, remove unwanted objects or add objects necessary for the composition.

Advertising photography and post-production

It is impossible to imagine modern advertising photography without retouching and photo processing in Photoshop. Therefore, by offering customers Photoshop services online, we we use only modern technologies, which guarantees a decent result for each photo shoots and when performing photo montage.

Only good photos can increase the number of sales, making your business successful. From how much a high-quality and vivid image complements the created advertisement depends on it Effect. This allows us to say with confidence that professionally crafted photos are indispensable for a good marketing campaign.

Order Photoshop Services

Many modern amateur and studio photographers those working with Photoshop often offer inexpensive Photoshop services. Turning to dilettantes for help, you run the risk of getting a poor-quality result. Sometimes the resulting pictures can even disappoint. Therefore, it is better to immediately entrust the work to professionals. We have masters with experience of 5 years.

Studio Retouch1.ru has been operating since 2011 and has already won the trust of its customers by providing professional processing services in Photoshop, making your pictures better and bringing the image to the desired look. At the same time, we always offer favorable prices for Photoshop services, allowing everyone significantly save the budget without causing damage to quality. We are a team of freelancers and do not rent an expensive office, but provide our services online.

What we are better than others:
  • Over the long term, we managed to build up regular customers - mainly online stores of shoes, manufacturers of furniture, jewelry;
  • Among us are only professional masters with experience of 5 years;
  • We provide free consultation on the desired image processing;
  • We offer favorable conditions for cooperation and discounts depending on the amount of work for each client;

Using the services of Photoshop online studio Retouch1.ru, you will not have to doubt high quality of work done. We are committed to long-term and fruitful cooperation with each client, therefore we create unique photographs, fully meeting the specified requirements.

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